The World of Red Bull


49: Reflect: Between the Cracks

Barbie Between Cracks

Between the cracks, we see our reflection. We see truth, reality, secrets, regrets… we see ourselves. Often, we see the things we want to see. But between the cracks… we see what’s really there.

These pieces could get put back together, but then the picture above would change. Each of these pieces would be equally important in making the pieces a whole mirror, and without even the smallest one, the mirror would not be complete.

Likewise, if this was a normal mirror, the picture above would be less interesting. The diversity of each piece of glass add a unique element to the picture.

But between the cracks in between the glass, we see Barbie. We see her in her reflection; put together by each uniquely shaped piece of glass.

48: Reflect: Never Say Goodbye (to Barbie)

Dead Barbie

What is it about death we fear so much? As far as within ourselves, I think it is more a fear of should have done’s, never have’s, never did’s, and will never get to’s… Even worse is the fear of loved ones- the fear of lost memories, regrets, never said’s… the fear of goodbye.

I feel that fear gets worse as we get older, but is a fear we instill in our children. It is almost as if the fear of goodbye is learned behavior.

A lot of “troubled youth” are stereotyped as coming from broken homes, having been neglected, abandoned, and forgotten. They have been left alone with their fears and struggles, and struggled to find their way. The beauty of Barbie, is she will never say goodbye.

She will never say goodbye stylistically (clearly… hello, “scene queen!”) but also literally. In an age where abandonment has almost become a cultural norm, Barbie will never abandon her “friend”. Her loyalty is unparalleled. Where many of today’s youth is struggling with abandonment issues, Barbie provides a sense of loyalty, fulfillment, and love. She is the true friend to stay by your side, the shoulder to cry on, the angel on your shoulder, and the coach to push you to do better.

In a society where the youth struggles with abandonment, Barbie will never say goodbye.

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47: Reflect: Barbie Constellation

Barbie constellation

This is a screen shot of the “Barbie Constellation” I created in online game Starlight 2. The link to play the game is:  In this game, all the stars are scrambled, and you drag the mouse around to find the exact location on the screen that will allow the stars to align, and the constellation’s image is presented. The image above is what the Barbie constellation looks like when the stars are successfully lined up.

We all know, Barbie is not only out of this world,  but also UNIVERS-al (que drum noise… I’ll be here all night). So, the next time someone is laid out on a park bench staring into the sky saying “I wonder what’s out there?”, you can say “well Tommy Chong, Barbie is out there…” (literally and figuratively).

reflect > think about > deep in thought > always dig deeper > never finished/infinite > stars/galaxies > Barbie constellation 

46: Success: Barbie is for Moms

This picture is an artist’s rendition of what the original Barbie would look like today, if Barbie had aged normally. This picture can be found at

By this point in life, most women have (likely) given their Barbie’s to family friends, family, or to their own kids. But now that they are starting to have kids of their own, they miss the fun times they used to share with their Barbie, and want to find more ways to play with their kids.

Insert> the Barbie for Moms. While Barbie represents youthfulness, optimism, and possibilities for the youth of the world, Barbie for Moms carries that legacy to ease the growing pains associated with getting older. She continues to represent optimism and possibilities throughout the aging process.

Getting older is a natural part of life, but is not often embraced with open arms. Barbie for Moms not only serves as a flashback to happy and youthful times, but also serves to rejuvenate the individuals perception and outlook on life as we continue to get older and mature. Our goals, perceptions, appearance, and interests constantly change, but we always have desires, and Barbie for Moms represents the optimism to achieve those desires as well as  to shine a spotlight on all the new pleasures life has placed at our feet.

45: Success: The Goblet



If all else fails… Barbie is the perfect chalice or goblet. Her arms offer ample room for large quantities of wine, mead, ale, or even blood (for the night walkers who don’t shimmer in sunlight).

The Holy Grail is arguably the most well known chalice of all time. With rumors of the Second Coming possibly happening anytime (supposedly between 2012-2015), is it too far fetch to think that the Barbie Chalice  might be used in celebration of Jesus’s return? She is universal, modern, and representative of the modern world, don’t you think Jesus will have adapted to modern times?

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44: Success: Fads and Fashions

Think of all the fads that have come and gone over the years. Think of some of the fads in style today. Listed below is a brief reminder of a couple popular fads encompassing each decade.

  • 2000’s: skinny jeans, over-sized sunglasses
  • 1990’s: Pogs, grunge, Doc Martin boots
  • 1980’s: spandex, neon colors, big hair
  • 1970’s: disco, bell bottoms, strobe lights

Every popular fad begins somewhere. What most people do not realize, is that Barbie has set the stage, and lit the fire, for every popular fad that has over-run society.





As these pictures support, Barbie has not only been in touch with existing fads and fashions. The reality is, Barbie SET the standard for each fashion and fad that we have experienced. After Barbie sports a new style, or a new object, or new bit of entertainment- a new fad/fashion is quick to follow. Before Barbie, disco was a joke, big hair was a hassle, grunge was dirty, and over-sized glasses were inconvenient.  Keep an eye out, see if I’m wrong…

(all images obtained from GOOGLE Images)