43: Success: Barbie is a Bond Girl

Top 40 Countdown: The Hottest Bond Girls  33. Maud Adams  34. Shirley Eaton  4. Caterina Murino  2. Maria Grazia Cucinotta         7. Halle Berry

Shown above are some of the hottest “Bond Girls” in the history of the 007 movie saga (according to fandango.com- http://www.fandango.com/moviephotos/top40countdown:thehottestbondgirls_42 ).

The first Bond movie aired in 1962, and has been making movies continuously since. In a good Bond movie, a spectator will expect advanced technology (often very over the top), smokin’ hot girls (the “Bond Girls”), and a heinous bad guy that is trying to either take over or destroy the world.  My emphasis here is on the Bond Girls…

I found a strikingly ironic connection between the pictures of the Bond Girls included above- they all look like human Barbie’s! Is it any surprise that the “Bond Girl” didn’t come to fruition until three years after Mattel introduced Barbie to the world? Who else do you think could have inspired the appearance of the notorious “Bond Girl”?

Initially, I was wondering “what would James Bond do if he met Barbie?”… I quickly reached the same answer I think we all could assume. But from there, I realized that the Bond Girls are like a human Barbie in a lot of ways. Clearly their appearance was inspired by Barbie. They are often very head strong, not easily influenced nor deceived, and completely bad-ass!

When I think of Barbie, I do not think of the Bond Girls in the same light. They appeal to different audiences and project a different personality, but without Barbie, I think the Bond Girls of today would carry an entirely different persona and image.


42: Success: Bartering Barbie

Have you heard the story about the guy who started off with a paperclip and within a year had traded his way up to owning his first home? Here is a link to his blog http://oneredpaperclip.blogspot.com/2005/09/one-red-generator.html

As I was brainstorming, I remembered hearing his story, and it got me thinking “what if he had started with a Barbie?”… the possibilities are endless!

I thought it would be fun to create a list of possible up-trades, starting with one Barbie, and ending some something completely awesome, without any additional cost:

  • Start with 1 Barbie
  • Trade the Barbie for a Playboy magazine
  • Trade the Playboy for a new picture frame
  • Trade the picture frame for a gently used Sony DVD player
  • Trade the DVD player for a Dewalt power drill
  • Trade the power drill for an air compressor
  • Trade the air compressor for Jon boat with a 15hp motor
  • Trade the Jon boat and motor for motorcycle
  • Trade the motorcycle for a highway billboard sign
  • Trade the billboard sign for lifetime free coupon for Kraft cheese
  • Trade the free cheese for an RV (gently used)
  • Trade the RV for a hot air balloon business
  • Trade the hot air balloon business for an original Van Gogh
  • Trade the Van Gogh for a vacation home in Cabo
  • Trade the vacation home in Cabo for NOTHING, BECAUSE YOU CAN LIVE FOR FREE IN CABO!!!

This is a picture of Kyle MacDonald’s house, courtesy of that one red paperclip.

41: The Id: Kisses of Freshness

This is Barbie as an air freshener, blowing kisses of freshness. The idea is to have Barbie serve as the holder, and have the fragrance inside her, and every time she dispenses the fragrance, she blows a kiss.

Barbie as an air freshener, blowing kisses of freshness, is a physical metaphor representing Barbie’s ability to spread positivity and good things throughout, while also providing a pleasurable fragrance throughout your house, apartment, bathroom, garage, etc. Blowing kissing to dispense the fragrance represents her love for spreading positivity to anyone touched by the fragrance.

Why would this matter? Have you ever had an air freshener that represented something, or that you could connect with? Now there is the possibility to have otherwise emotionless household items, like air fresheners, have meaning and promote positive actions and thoughts. Only someone like Barbie could make people really start to care about something as minute as an air freshener.

The id > numb > drugs > Miami > sun > boats > houseboats > luxuries > what are Barbie’s luxuries? > fragrances > Barbie as an air freshener

40: The Id: STEAL These Ideas

I made the initial brainstorm, and I was brainstorming and wrote an idea I liked, I placed a star by it. I went back at a later time with the highlighter to highlight the ideas I still liked.

I hope some of my ideas, whether they made my cut or not, can help you come up with something awesome.

(*Notice: all the ideas I deemed “good” are on the outer ring of my mind map)

39: The Id: Barbie Exchange

There is constant controversy over whether or not states should offer needle exchanges (Virginia does not participate in these programs). Needle exchanges allow individuals who have dirty (or used) syringes to exchange them for clean and unused syringes. Advocates of needle exchange programs say that the program helps prevent the spread of diseases like hepatitis and HIV. Opponents of the exchange program say it encourages drug use, and promotes a level of social acceptance to drug use.

The idea behind this post, is to offer a Barbie exchange. Much like needle exchange programs, the Barbie exchange would allow individuals to bring in their old Barbies in exchange for new ones. The cycle could continue, because some individuals old Barbie’s would be other people’s NEW Barbies! Many places often use this exchange program for books- bring in a book, take a book.

The Barbie exchange would promote the use and enjoyment of Barbie, and allow different Barbies to reach the hands of different individuals! Unlike the needle exchange, the Barbie exchange would not have to been done on the streets in dark alleys (although it could…). The Barbie exchange could be done in coffee shops, service stations, book stores, people’s houses, schools, anywhere! The Barbie exchange is limitless and could be practiced anywhere.

The id > numb > drugs > syringe > needle exchange > Barbie exchange

38: The Id: Un-intended Uses of Barbie Dolls

  • Bobble-heads for cars
  • A chew toy for your dog (see engineering post below)
  • Plastic surgery inspiration
  • A stirring utensil for stirring broths
  • Guinea Pigs for hair styles and fashion ideas
  • A sex toy (there are some sick and lonely people out there)
  • Using her hair as dental floss (sure, we realize it is strong, but still…)
  • Chopsticks
  • GI Joe’s girlfriend (she belongs to Ken)
  • A model for human anatomy
  • A roach clip (potheads)

This idea was born in the wake of failure to be able to create new, brand-oriented jokes about Barbie, in “you might be a redneck if…” form.  What I realized, is that all the redneck jokes poke fun at being a redneck, but it is difficult to find things about Barbie in which to poke fun. The process of attempting to create Barbie-oriented jokes somehow led my mind onto the path of these other uses of Barbie, most of which would not be the initial intention of Mattel (the hairstyle one might be okay).

While these uses are not the intended use of Barbie, they are in fact, possibilities. This only serves to further exemplify how universal Barbie really is.

37: Sheep: Barbie Puts the Stock Market to Shame

  • In 1959, the original Barbie cost $2.99
  • In 2012, the same original Barbie is worth $8,000 -$12,000 (average $10,000)

Taking the average value of the original Barbie in 2012, $10,000.00, that is 3344.48 times the initial investment!

  • The dark red line on the top shows the average increase in price value of the original 1959 Barbie
  • The light pink line on the bottom shows a hypothetical growth rate of a $2.99 investment in 1959, growing at (a very generous) annual rate of %10, with no additional financial contributions.

What this explains that from a financial perspective, buying a Barbie is a smart investment. The rate of return for the purchase of an original 1959 Barbie is extremely lucrative!

With the current controversy over national debt and government spending,  instead of watching the elephants fight the jackasses, maybe the government should look for fiscal advice from Barbie and Mattel. If the government could follow this same investment model, America may be able to get out of debt in the relatively near future, without having to make extreme cuts to government spending.

sheep > wolf in sheep’s clothing> the government> government spending> investments