43: Success: Barbie is a Bond Girl

Top 40 Countdown: The Hottest Bond Girls  33. Maud Adams  34. Shirley Eaton  4. Caterina Murino  2. Maria Grazia Cucinotta         7. Halle Berry

Shown above are some of the hottest “Bond Girls” in the history of the 007 movie saga (according to fandango.com- http://www.fandango.com/moviephotos/top40countdown:thehottestbondgirls_42 ).

The first Bond movie aired in 1962, and has been making movies continuously since. In a good Bond movie, a spectator will expect advanced technology (often very over the top), smokin’ hot girls (the “Bond Girls”), and a heinous bad guy that is trying to either take over or destroy the world.  My emphasis here is on the Bond Girls…

I found a strikingly ironic connection between the pictures of the Bond Girls included above- they all look like human Barbie’s! Is it any surprise that the “Bond Girl” didn’t come to fruition until three years after Mattel introduced Barbie to the world? Who else do you think could have inspired the appearance of the notorious “Bond Girl”?

Initially, I was wondering “what would James Bond do if he met Barbie?”… I quickly reached the same answer I think we all could assume. But from there, I realized that the Bond Girls are like a human Barbie in a lot of ways. Clearly their appearance was inspired by Barbie. They are often very head strong, not easily influenced nor deceived, and completely bad-ass!

When I think of Barbie, I do not think of the Bond Girls in the same light. They appeal to different audiences and project a different personality, but without Barbie, I think the Bond Girls of today would carry an entirely different persona and image.


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