46: Success: Barbie is for Moms

This picture is an artist’s rendition of what the original Barbie would look like today, if Barbie had aged normally. This picture can be found at http://claudiabroome.com/?p=594.

By this point in life, most women have (likely) given their Barbie’s to family friends, family, or to their own kids. But now that they are starting to have kids of their own, they miss the fun times they used to share with their Barbie, and want to find more ways to play with their kids.

Insert> the Barbie for Moms. While Barbie represents youthfulness, optimism, and possibilities for the youth of the world, Barbie for Moms carries that legacy to ease the growing pains associated with getting older. She continues to represent optimism and possibilities throughout the aging process.

Getting older is a natural part of life, but is not often embraced with open arms. Barbie for Moms not only serves as a flashback to happy and youthful times, but also serves to rejuvenate the individuals perception and outlook on life as we continue to get older and mature. Our goals, perceptions, appearance, and interests constantly change, but we always have desires, and Barbie for Moms represents the optimism to achieve those desires as well as  to shine a spotlight on all the new pleasures life has placed at our feet.


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