44: Success: Fads and Fashions

Think of all the fads that have come and gone over the years. Think of some of the fads in style today. Listed below is a brief reminder of a couple popular fads encompassing each decade.

  • 2000’s: skinny jeans, over-sized sunglasses
  • 1990’s: Pogs, grunge, Doc Martin boots
  • 1980’s: spandex, neon colors, big hair
  • 1970’s: disco, bell bottoms, strobe lights

Every popular fad begins somewhere. What most people do not realize, is that Barbie has set the stage, and lit the fire, for every popular fad that has over-run society.





As these pictures support, Barbie has not only been in touch with existing fads and fashions. The reality is, Barbie SET the standard for each fashion and fad that we have experienced. After Barbie sports a new style, or a new object, or new bit of entertainment- a new fad/fashion is quick to follow. Before Barbie, disco was a joke, big hair was a hassle, grunge was dirty, and over-sized glasses were inconvenient.  Keep an eye out, see if I’m wrong…

(all images obtained from GOOGLE Images)


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