47: Reflect: Barbie Constellation

Barbie constellation

This is a screen shot of the “Barbie Constellation” I created in online game Starlight 2. The link to play the game is: http://armorgames.com/play/5542/starlight-2  In this game, all the stars are scrambled, and you drag the mouse around to find the exact location on the screen that will allow the stars to align, and the constellation’s image is presented. The image above is what the Barbie constellation looks like when the stars are successfully lined up.

We all know, Barbie is not only out of this world,  but also UNIVERS-al (que drum noise… I’ll be here all night). So, the next time someone is laid out on a park bench staring into the sky saying “I wonder what’s out there?”, you can say “well Tommy Chong, Barbie is out there…” (literally and figuratively).

reflect > think about > deep in thought > always dig deeper > never finished/infinite > stars/galaxies > Barbie constellation 


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