41: The Id: Kisses of Freshness

This is Barbie as an air freshener, blowing kisses of freshness. The idea is to have Barbie serve as the holder, and have the fragrance inside her, and every time she dispenses the fragrance, she blows a kiss.

Barbie as an air freshener, blowing kisses of freshness, is a physical metaphor representing Barbie’s ability to spread positivity and good things throughout, while also providing a pleasurable fragrance throughout your house, apartment, bathroom, garage, etc. Blowing kissing to dispense the fragrance represents her love for spreading positivity to anyone touched by the fragrance.

Why would this matter? Have you ever had an air freshener that represented something, or that you could connect with? Now there is the possibility to have otherwise emotionless household items, like air fresheners, have meaning and promote positive actions and thoughts. Only someone like Barbie could make people really start to care about something as minute as an air freshener.

The id > numb > drugs > Miami > sun > boats > houseboats > luxuries > what are Barbie’s luxuries? > fragrances > Barbie as an air freshener


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