48: Reflect: Never Say Goodbye (to Barbie)

Dead Barbie


What is it about death we fear so much? As far as within ourselves, I think it is more a fear of should have done’s, never have’s, never did’s, and will never get to’s… Even worse is the fear of loved ones- the fear of lost memories, regrets, never said’s… the fear of goodbye.

I feel that fear gets worse as we get older, but is a fear we instill in our children. It is almost as if the fear of goodbye is learned behavior.

A lot of “troubled youth” are stereotyped as coming from broken homes, having been neglected, abandoned, and forgotten. They have been left alone with their fears and struggles, and struggled to find their way. The beauty of Barbie, is she will never say goodbye.

She will never say goodbye stylistically (clearly… hello, “scene queen!”) but also literally. In an age where abandonment has almost become a cultural norm, Barbie will never abandon her “friend”. Her loyalty is unparalleled. Where many of today’s youth is struggling with abandonment issues, Barbie provides a sense of loyalty, fulfillment, and love. She is the true friend to stay by your side, the shoulder to cry on, the angel on your shoulder, and the coach to push you to do better.

In a society where the youth struggles with abandonment, Barbie will never say goodbye.

reflect> think about> deep in thought> always more, dig deeper> therapy> understanding self> growing> age> expire> death> never say goodbye


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