39: The Id: Barbie Exchange

There is constant controversy over whether or not states should offer needle exchanges (Virginia does not participate in these programs). Needle exchanges allow individuals who have dirty (or used) syringes to exchange them for clean and unused syringes. Advocates of needle exchange programs say that the program helps prevent the spread of diseases like hepatitis and HIV. Opponents of the exchange program say it encourages drug use, and promotes a level of social acceptance to drug use.

The idea behind this post, is to offer a Barbie exchange. Much like needle exchange programs, the Barbie exchange would allow individuals to bring in their old Barbies in exchange for new ones. The cycle could continue, because some individuals old Barbie’s would be other people’s NEW Barbies! Many places often use this exchange program for books- bring in a book, take a book.

The Barbie exchange would promote the use and enjoyment of Barbie, and allow different Barbies to reach the hands of different individuals! Unlike the needle exchange, the Barbie exchange would not have to been done on the streets in dark alleys (although it could…). The Barbie exchange could be done in coffee shops, service stations, book stores, people’s houses, schools, anywhere! The Barbie exchange is limitless and could be practiced anywhere.

The id > numb > drugs > syringe > needle exchange > Barbie exchange


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