38: The Id: Un-intended Uses of Barbie Dolls

  • Bobble-heads for cars
  • A chew toy for your dog (see engineering post below)
  • Plastic surgery inspiration
  • A stirring utensil for stirring broths
  • Guinea Pigs for hair styles and fashion ideas
  • A sex toy (there are some sick and lonely people out there)
  • Using her hair as dental floss (sure, we realize it is strong, but still…)
  • Chopsticks
  • GI Joe’s girlfriend (she belongs to Ken)
  • A model for human anatomy
  • A roach clip (potheads)

This idea was born in the wake of failure to be able to create new, brand-oriented jokes about Barbie, in “you might be a redneck if…” form.  What I realized, is that all the redneck jokes poke fun at being a redneck, but it is difficult to find things about Barbie in which to poke fun. The process of attempting to create Barbie-oriented jokes somehow led my mind onto the path of these other uses of Barbie, most of which would not be the initial intention of Mattel (the hairstyle one might be okay).

While these uses are not the intended use of Barbie, they are in fact, possibilities. This only serves to further exemplify how universal Barbie really is.


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