37: Sheep: Barbie Puts the Stock Market to Shame

  • In 1959, the original Barbie cost $2.99
  • In 2012, the same original Barbie is worth $8,000 -$12,000 (average $10,000)

Taking the average value of the original Barbie in 2012, $10,000.00, that is 3344.48 times the initial investment!

  • The dark red line on the top shows the average increase in price value of the original 1959 Barbie
  • The light pink line on the bottom shows a hypothetical growth rate of a $2.99 investment in 1959, growing at (a very generous) annual rate of %10, with no additional financial contributions.

What this explains that from a financial perspective, buying a Barbie is a smart investment. The rate of return for the purchase of an original 1959 Barbie is extremely lucrative!

With the current controversy over national debt and government spending,  instead of watching the elephants fight the jackasses, maybe the government should look for fiscal advice from Barbie and Mattel. If the government could follow this same investment model, America may be able to get out of debt in the relatively near future, without having to make extreme cuts to government spending.

sheep > wolf in sheep’s clothing> the government> government spending> investments


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