36: Sheep: The Secret of Barbie’s Success is COFFEE

Alan Hilowitz


This is Alan Hilowitz, the “Senior Director, Corporate Communications at Mattel” according to his LinkedIn profile. If you check his past in his LinkedIn profile, he was formerly Director, Global Corporate Communications at Starbucks Coffee Company.

This is a screenshot taken of an aerial map view of the block where Mattel’s corporate headquarters are located in El Segundo, California. The screenshot taken shows the direct path to Starbucks Coffee, conveniently two turns away. If driving, the map says it is half a mile, and will only take 2 minutes.  If walking, the straight shot to Starbucks Coffee is only a couple hundred feet.

This picture is the Monster High Coffin Bean play set, made by Mattel. On http://shop.mattel.com/product/index.jsp?productId=13333952#showDetails, Mattel says “This coffee-shop-themed play set is the hottest java hangout for the Monster High friends and comes with Clawdeen Wolf doll in fangtastic fashions!”

To occur three different times is more than a coincidence. I feel that it is inarguable that there is a direct correlation between coffee and the success of Mattel and Barbie. It could even be argued that coffee could be the driving force behind the success of Mattel and of Barbie (though you would never know it from those flawlessly white teeth of hers).

sheep> wool> coats> winter> snow> cocaine> Columbia> coffee


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