35: Sheep: Using Barbie to Rock!

In this post, Barbie is used as a musical instrument, similar to a guitar. Her chest serves like the bridge of the guitar, separating and elevating the strings off body. Barbie’s feet are similar to the head of the guitar. Her legs serve as the neck of the instrument, where the strings are pressed down to make notes and chords. The strings are plucked over Barbie’s belly, and her small belly button is like a tiny sound hole- for the sound to resonate.

This picture shows Barbie being played like a guitar. For additional sound effects, Barbie’s legs are able to be pulled back, which places additional strain on the strings, which causes the octaves to reach a higher pitch. This technique much like an inverse “dive bomb” for anyone familiar with guitar terminology.

Not only does Barbie being used as an instrument create new ways to enjoy Barbie, but also introduces all new sounds into the music and recording world. It can be “unplugged” like an acoustic guitar, or have Barbie wired, install pickups,  and through a 1/4in input be able to plug a cable in and run the sound into an amplifier to play Barbie like an electric guitar.


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