34: Sheep: Barbie is Reaching Everyone!

  . . .  .  . .              

  .   .. . .   .  

.     .

If these dots were raised, this is how “Barbie” is written in braille.

The idea behind this post, is Barbie reaching out to people with disabilities. One great thing about Barbie, is the ability to bring happiness to individuals with physical and mental disabilities.

My idea is to have children’s books by Barbie, and have versions of the books available in braille, in order to reach those who are visually impaired. Having the children’s books available in braille would help bring happiness to children with disabilities and promote a positive image and message to more people.

With the rise of the computer age, the children’s books and stories would not have to be limited to hard copy books. There could also be downloadable stories and books, that could “sync” with a physical attachment device, that when read would embark a series of taps that an individual could physically feel on their skin. It would similar to Morse Code relaying downloadable or “audio” children’s stories and books. This would be an audio book for someone who is hearing impaired.

The device could also sync to Ipods and MP3 players, so children who were unable to hear could have the stories told while going to sleep, relaxing, running, and so on.

I got the idea for this post, when I was surfing on the internet, trying to learn how to record voice over (hoping to be able to incorporate sheep sounds into a post, I have not yet learned how to do this), and I got the idea for Barbie to record an audio children’s book or story. Pushing that idea further, I began wondering how Barbie could reach more people. Then I wondered how I could write “Barbie” in braille. From there, I took the idea to have Barbie do “more” in braille, such as children’s books. From there, I had the idea to have the external device Morse code stories to children. 

*I claim all rights to this product   -Kevin Rountree 11/3/12 4:34pm


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