33. Sheep: My Inspirational Story from Childhood

The Initial 7 Minute Writing Exercise (the bold is the good stuff): Brand- Barbie/Directive- Sheep

sheep. Living on a farm with other animals. Kinda boring. Eating shitty food. Muddy. Mud cakes. Making mud cakes when young. Sharing your food with other animals. Eating from a troth. Get in the zone, focus. Push it more…………… more coffee may help but im stuck on this computer for 6 more minutes. Poor planning…………. Farm life……. Farmers. Hay corn fields wheat peanuts. Suffolk- planters peanuts. Living in Suffolk was horrible when I was young, its not as bad now. Planters is from there- my sisters worked in the first store by planters. they sold the copany to someone else. Make money monay! Sheep……….. sheering their wool to keep us warm. So helpless. What is difference between sheeps and lambs anyway……………I shouldn’t have mind mapped right before this- think god for autocorrect. I burned up all my good ideas already. Sheep. Fuck sheep. They are so innocent. They are slow. I have never seen a sheep run. Why would they need to run?…….         what does a sheep eat? I bet its gross. Do people eat sheep meet, if so what is it called? How does a sheep relate to Barbie. She is  a sheep fucker. Riding a sheep? Wool keeps Barbie warm. Blankets. Itchy. Not from bed bugs. Scratchy. I keep picturing my great uncles farm even though he didn’t have sheep. He just farmed sheep. My mom had a pet goat which isn’t a sheep either. Would seheep make good pets? They always have shit stuck in their hair. Fuck that. Baaaaaa’ing all the time. Goats milk– still nto a sheep. I keep associating goats and sheep. Dum dum dummy. …… keep going. ….. ghs.ejijefie blah blah bahl. Sheep!!!!!!!! How old are sheep. Where did they come from……. Farming. Wheat. Wheaties. Get strong and live long. Finally….. times up… now!

The Good Stuff By Itself:

Living on a farm Making mud cakes when young Eating from a troth more coffee  Living in Suffolk was horrible my sisters worked in the first store by planters sheering their wool think god for autocorrect burned up innocent  I have never seen a sheep run Do people eat sheep meet Itchy. Not from bed bugs my great uncles farm My mom had a pet goat stuck in their hair Goats milk Get strong and live long


Living on a farm, (while) making mud cakes when (I was) young and eating from a troth, (I drank) more coffee. Living in Suffolk was horrible. My sister worked in the first store by Planters sheering their wool. Thank God for auto-correct (because) I burned up (everyone that was) innocent (because) I have never seen a sheep run. Do (other) people eat sheep meat? (It makes me) itchy, (but) not from bed bugs, (from) my great uncles farm. My mom had a pet goat stuck in their hair. (So, drink) goats milk; get strong and live long!


(NOTE: This post shows the progression of a writing exercise, and how subconscious thoughts and ideas can evolve into a story. After the initial 7 minutes of continuous writing, I went to work. When I got home, I read over what I wrote and highlighted what i thought was interesting, that was “The Good Stuff”. The story that was created, conveys a time when a child could have benefited from having a friend and companion like Barbie. Who knows, if the child had a companion like Barbie, everyone that was innocent may not have gotten burned… )


One comment

  1. Scott

    Kevin, here are some more suggestions for making your work on Project 54 stronger.

    – Bravo for the work! Keep it up.

    – Post 33: 7 minutes with sheep. The seven-minute writing looks like seven minutes. The interesting childhood story looks like a few minutes, but the entire thing doesn’t look like 45 minutes. And Barbie was left out of the process until she was forced into the post at the last minute (at least that’s what it looks like).

    – Post 32: Spotlight. This piece started off like it was going to be interesting. The post would have been more successful if more time was focused on the concept / thinking stage. It’s an interesting image, but the thinking displayed in this post was thin.
    Weird thing is that the image makes it look like there is a bone in Barbie’s back arm.

    – Post 31. Burning Barbie. This post lacks evidence of an interesting idea. In class (a while ago) we talked about the difference of a post with an interesting idea and a post without one. We used Josh as an example. He wanted to take Barbie to a firing range and blow her head off with a gun. As we talked about it, Josh realized that he didn’t have an interesting idea to go along with shooting Barbie. We also discussed that there COULD be an interesting idea that included shooting Barbie’s head off, but he needs to think of it.

    – Post 30: Drunk Kids. It’s easy to see the word “Barbie” in this post, but it’s hard to see the Barbie brand. “Barbie” appears in the first sentence, but the brand is not evident.

    – Explore ideas that are about the brand in the concept level (not the execution stage). If all of the creativity is on the execution of the piece, the piece isn’t as strong as if the creativity was on the concept of the idea. Richer ideas are concepts rather than executions.

    – Be sure the posts show 45 minutes of strong thinking and making — with the focus on thinking.

    – Focus on the brand, not the doll and not just the name.

    I hope this feedback is helpful. It’s clear that you’re working on this project. Give the work more focus on thinking of new ideas. I hope you’re inspired by the class. Push yourself to continue to think of ideas that nobody else would think of.

    Best regards, Scott

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