32: Catalyst: …When Barbie was a Spotlight

While I was brainstorming ideas for “catalyst”, I thought of poison ivy as something that causes a reaction while remaining unchanged. From poison ivy, I thought of Batman, Gotham City, and the spotlight the police commissioner used to signal Batman. From there, I thought of the idea to create a spotlight w/ Barbie in the middle, as oppose to the Batman logo. (Ironically enough, this spotlight also resembles an erotic silhouette that may be seen at a Gentleman’s Club, but that was not the intention.) 

To create the image of Barbie within a spotlight, I held Barbie in front of a semi-high powered flashlight. The image is shown onto my bedroom wall. 

I uploaded the image into Photoshop and edited the color-balance to make the the magenta and yellow shine in the spotlight, and increased the light and dark contrast. I also cropped to image to be more centered within the picture.  


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