30: Catalyst: If This isn’t Philosophy… then I’m not a Philosopher

The other day I got together with my friend Barbie and drank a little bit too much (coffee?). And as it sometimes happens, we got to ramblin’ on and on about music, pet peeves, and food. Then, at the restaurant where we were sitting, a woman ran past trying to chase down her small child. This particular event shifted the conversation into a more philosophical discussion.

In summation, we reached the philosophical conclusion: small children are just like tiny drunk people.

What do you think of that Sigmund Freud?

Like someone who is very intoxicated, small children:

  • Say whatever is on their mind
  • Drool
  • Have to be watched at all times
  • Trip/fall/run into things/hurt themselves
  • Urinate themselves
  • Are increasingly emotional
  • Often make dramatic scenes in public

Consequently, is it more accurate to assume that an increased state of intoxication averts individuals to a mental state of early childhood, or that the mental development of early childhood is intoxicated? The correlation between the two is uncanny.



Image obtained from http://randomfunnypicture.com/funny-pictures-drunk/wasted-baby-hands-you-a-beer/

CATAlist > CATApilar > crawling > babies > drool > intoxication


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