29: Neptune: Can’t Live Without… Keanu Reeves

Not to step on Ken’s toes, but I have found the perfect match for Barbie. This is in the vein of “The Many Faces of…” but applied in a match making kind-of-way, to fit to the universal personality of Barbie. I feel the perfect match for Barbie can only be Keanu Reeves.

Below are the many faces of Keanu Reeves to match the different personalities of Barbie.

Barbie’s date with Keanu at the beach.

When Barbie was younger (and didn’t know better)

When Barbie was in distress

With Barbie, after the Apocalypse (fending off predators)

Barbie and Keanu in Transylvania

Post coitus…

This idea stemmed from a mind map, then further expanded on a whim: NEPTUNE > URANUS > BUTTHOLE > BUTTHOLE SURFERS > SURFING > HANG 10 BRA > KEANU REEVES.  When I sat down to try to make the post, the many faces of Keanu Reeves randomly popped into my head. I used his many faces to unite him as unarguably the perfect match for Barbie. Images obtained from: 








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