27: Neptune: “The Barbie” Standard

“Barbie Fever” has spread like a wildfire since 1959. It may be more appropriate to say it has spread like middle-school gossip. Nonetheless, Barbie’s influence has branched into many other societal aspects.

One particular impact Barbie has had has been the perceived appearance of women, dolls, characters, and in this case action figures. Wonder Woman was created before Barbie, in the 1940’s. Below, is the 1977 Wonder Woman doll.

As “Barbie Fever” spread throughout the years, Barbie became the standard perception for female dolls and action figures. Here is the present-day Wonder Woman doll.

The modern Wonder Woman bears a striking resemblance to the Barbie physique. Furthermore, the Wonder Woman Barbie was made.

The resemblance between the modern Wonder Woman and the Wonder Woman Barbie is unmistakable. The representative image for strength and individualism for women has matured as society has aged, as Barbie has set the perception standard for the doll market.

http://happyautoblog.info/page/234/  – Barbie Wonder Woman

http://megomuseum.com/wgsh/wonderwoman.html  – 1977 Wonder Woman

http://www.tonnerdoll.com/blog/feature/wonder-woman-part-12-american-model-22-by-jason-wright-guest-post   Modern Wonder Woman

Neptune > Uranus > anus > brown > Poodie Brown > comic books > super-hero 


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