26: Engineer: Barbie, Lowe’s, Bombs, & Tea

In 2011, Lowe’s replaced their slogan “Let’s Build Something Together” with “Never Stop Improving”. “Let’s Build Something Together” had been their running slogan since 2006. Lowe’s used Ad Agency BBDO, out of New York, for their new campaign and slogan.

The BBDO copywriters who spearheaded this campaign admit to gaining momentum and inspiration for the new slogan from Mattel’s 1980’s slogan for Barbie; “We Girls Can Do Anything”. Their slogan conveyed the idea of endless opportunity, an idea which inspired the endless opportunity for improvement, which simplified into “Never Stop Improving”.

Lowes had been in an on-and-off court battle, the reason behind their new marketing campaign. The company had been brought into court after a group of ex-Tea Party extremists attempted to blow up a handful of government buildings simultaneously.

The group claims that Lowes old slogan, “Let’s Build Something Together” helped them develop the idea to blow up the buildings, in protest of disagreeable government policies and practices. It appears these ex-Tea party extremists took Project Mayhem a little too literally.

There was not a court ruling that mandated the new marketing campaign for Lowe’s, the headache of court proceedings just became tireless, says the P.R. rep for Lowe’s, and the company was ready for something new.


*inspired from a few true facts

Engineer- builds- Lowe’s- “Lets Build Something Together”


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