22: Engineer: BATTLE ROYAL!

Politicians and newscasters are always informing us of the different things that set America apart from the rest of the world; democracy, economic freedom, or arguably our school system.  While public figures and spend days going back and forth on this topic, I offer a different reason. What I think sets America apart from the rest of the world is wrestling.

I know America did not start wrestling? I also realize wrestling is very popular in many other counties, like Brazil, England, and Germany. What sets America apart from the rest of the world, is how they revolutionized wrestling; with ladder matches, lumberjack matches, iron man matches, flag matches, and handicap matches. America has endorsed the use of day-to-day objects, like a folding chair, as a weapon to victory.

The most recent buzz within wrestling blogs, chat-rooms, and commentators, is the upcoming 3-man Battle Royal between Bob the Builder, Hard Hat Harry, and Ken Doll. As icing on the cake, Barbie has agreed to be the ring girl for the fight. Rumors claim that the match is to settle a dispute between three youthful play-idols.

The winner of the match will be the last man standing. While the three idols will start the match, eventually one will get pinned (or will submit), and the match will continue as a one-on-one match until the other idol has been defeated. On top of being the deciding factor in the dispute, the victor will also get a shiny, golden, championship belt to wear around his waist.

This royal rumble between the youthful play-idols further endorses my opinion that wrestling, and the way we have revolutionized it, is what truly sets America apart from the rest of the world; more than our democratic government and our capitalist economic practices.


Mind Map: engineer- builder- hard hat- Hard Hat Harry/Bob the Builder


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