17: Opposite: “Oppose-It”- the 2012 presidential race

As we get older, we become molded into new people with new personalities, interests, and behaviors. When we were kids, we were filled with hunger; hungry for experiences, hungry for knowledge, hungry for life. As we age, we encounter more life experiences, become more jaded, and gradually lose that hunger we once had.

As different players take a spin at the game of politics, a game which caters to adults yet affects kids. The same kids in affect still have that hunger for life that the rest of us have swept under the rug for finances and nice cars. The irony is these kids (for lack of a better term) remain silenced.

The silence is finally broken by Barbie. She has spoken out in response to a variety of questions, claiming to speak for the youth of the world. She is the face for the youthful hunger of life, from which we have become so detached.

In response to being asked her opinion on the 2012 presidential race, she simply stated “I oppose it”.

“How far have we veered from our roots? How out of touch have we become with ourselves? How tight has we fastened our blinders? We have become so obsessed with insignificance that we have lost sight of what really matters. While people freeze on street corners, we focus on the president smoking pot. While families starve, we zone-in on Schwarzenegger getting laid. The problem is we have lost touch with ourselves.”

Barbie’s response speaks for those who remain truly uncorrupted. They have yet to be contaminated by interest rates, fast cars, welfare checks, or food stamps. They still see the world with a breath of fresh air, and with no party loyalty.


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