13: Opposite: Jessica Simpson, You Aren’t Alone

If only being fat was still a sign of wealth, America wouldn’t have to worry about the whole debt issue. As American’s continue to blow up left and right, more unsuccessful diet plans hit the street. To promote sales, the companies get celebrities to endorse their products. So don’t feel too bad Jessica Simpson, you aren’t alone. Britney Spears got a little plump (and then went bald), Opera is constantly fluctuating, Kiersty Alley is always on tabloid covers, and most recently, Barbie has joined the plump parade.

Barbie’s recent weight addition is a ploy to raise awareness to the growing problem of American obesity. “As the world’s superpower, we are too fat for our own good” says Barbie.  Scientists predict that in five years, we will see the life expectancy rate begin to decline as the percentage of obesity-induced heart issues increases.

The rationale behind Barbie’s weight gain is not only to raise awareness on how easy it is to gain weight if individuals do not take proper care of themselves, but also for people to follow her through the process of losing the weight. She hopes that people that have continuously put off dealing with their weight issue will take the first step into leading a healthier lifestyle.

“Well, none of my old clothes fit” Barbie says jokingly when asked about the struggles she has faced while gaining so much weight. Barbie has also reached out to celebrity friend Jessica Simpson to join her on this weight loss program, to help shed that unwanted baby-weight.

Note: picture taken from http://youknowyoucare.com/2012/05/jessica-simpson-weightwatchers/jessica-simpson-fat-pregnant/

I got the idea for this post because Barbie is known for being extremely thin; the opposite of her being thin is her being fat. Thus, this story was born. 


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