12: Quintessence: The Irony of Purity

Have you ever had (way) too much to drink and woke up in jail? Or done something so amazing that it puts everything else into a new perspective? Both of these are often a doorway to seeing ourselves in our most pure state; when one way or another we are forced to recognize what is really important and acknowledge our true selves. We are most pure when we are stripped naked from all the comforts of life, exiled from all influences, and forced to answer to ourselves.  When we let our learned guards down, we can see ourselves in our purest form and reveal our true identity.

Unfortunately for many people, being stripped of these luxuries leaves a nasty picture to be painted. Other times we point and laugh at these people. But while some people only get a taste, others get an entire meal, and we are all at the table eating.  But if there is one person at the table leaving a good image to be painted, and not pointing and laughing, it is Barbie.

Barbie is mistakenly believed to be “dolled” up at all times with flawless complexion, tediously meticulous hair, and wall manicured nails, but Barbie was just fortunate enough to have been created in the vein of the quintessential female. In reality, Barbie remains a minimalist, while her friends continually insist on making her up with new attire, and use her for as a guinea pig for new grooming techniques. This image of vanity that surrounds Barbie is more reflective of her companions than of herself.

The irony is, when Barbie is repeatedly stripped of her luxuries, it is often a warning sign of possible future pedophilic endeavors. Consequently, quintessence gets trapped in an endless cycles, like a looping track at the end of a record, and the only hope of reaching such a state is flip the record over to the B-side.


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