11: Quintessence: Wikileaks explains Barbie’s Smile

How is Barbie always smiling? More importantly, why is she always smiling? Did she just get laid? No, her hair isn’t out of place. Is she high? No, her eyes are not glassy enough. Did she win at the casino? If she did, she would probably have a lot more than a smile on her face. What could it be? This question kept eating at me more and more as I thought about the quintessential Barbie. What I found was…

Barbie meditated regularly. She did this remain at peace within herself and to continually project a peaceful and happy image to her many fans. As her meditation progressed, she explored different religious cultures that promoted meditation; in particular Buddhism and Hinduism. Her explorative meditative studies not only provided her with different meditative approaches, but instilled a sense of open-mindedness that Mattel had not yet provided (she actually spearheaded the open minded outlook Mattel has today).

During this time, Barbie is living in the pink clouds that most people can only appreciate for the two or three days most people can only appreciate after something horrible has happened. During this time, she is approached by the Hare Krishna salesmen. She listens to their pitch, knowing their belief stems from common Hindu followings, and attends some of their meetings. She quickly realizes the orange robe and bald head would clash horribly with her current self-image.

From this point on, Barbie kept her meditative practices to herself. She just lets her internal happiness shine. Mattel never asked any questions, nor did Barbie share any details, until Wikileaks revealed the personal details of Barbie’s happy persona. The article was quickly removed from public record, but not before I was able to copy and paste the majority of this article.


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