9: Earth: Barbie’s Resort Tops Lake Tahoe

In 2013, Barbie will open her first vacation resort on the east coast. The vision of this resort is to reuse nature’s water supply to provide a variety of entertainment possibilities within and near a resort setting. Many such resorts are scattered throughout the mountains paralleling the east coast, but never together and available in one resort, and never run off of alternative energy.

In the winter, her resort will powder the mountains with snow and open as a ski resort. Tourists will be able to rent skis and snowboards, tube down the mountain, rent snow mobiles, or cuddle by the fire in the privacy of the mountain side cabins.

As the snow melts, the water will be captured at the base of the mountain in a man-made lake. In the late spring and summer, the lake will be filled with people in search of that perfect summer get-away. The lake will offer jet ski, motorboat, and sailboat rentals, and also provide lessons for all types of water activities like wakeboarding and kite surfing. There is also a public boat ramp for locals to enjoy the leisure activities as well.

There will be a lake-wide Labor Day bash, filled with fireworks and a large end of the summer party. After Labor Day, the lake begins to be drained periodically in order to flush the rapids of the river that is dammed from the lake. Flushing the rapids of the river increases the class of the rapids- offering guided white water rafting trips, kayaking trips, as well as hiking trails.

All the buildings within the resort will be solar powered. The roofs of the larger buildings will be lined with solar panels to collectively power the entire resort. As the lake is drained during the white water rafting season, additional water will be captured to power the turbines generating power for select cabins and buildings open only during the rafting season. The innovative nature of this resort serves not only to provide a fun filled environment for individuals throughout the year, but is the first resort to be exclusively run off of alternative energy. While gas powered boats will be permitted within the lake and within snow mobiles, Barbie has scientists researching the possibilities of hybrid boats and snow mobiles to further entertain consumers while also further promoting her claim to “stay green”.


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