6: Earth: She Turned into a Martian…

With the title “Earth” on the top of my page, I began writing the first words that came to mind without thinking about their relation to the word earth. It was a stream of consciousness. The second word I wrote down was “space”. As I started thinking about space, of coarse the thought of alien life-forms and the possibility of an alien invasion came to mind, thus, the birth of this short fictional story. 


The 20th century was filled with gossip and rumors surrounding extra-terrestrials. We have been bewildered about the blurry Kodak snapshots of UFO’s, crop circles, and the truth behind Area 54. Of course cows were feeding in the fields and they happened to graze in perfect circles, and UFO’s are just the military testing new airplanes, and Area 54 just causes a subject change; but now Barbie Doll has returned from her unexplained disappearance, and she has in fact become a Martian.

For decades Barbie has represented the idealized woman, and the loyal companion for young girls. She was the friend you could have tea with, and would always try on new outfits, and always let you vent when life was not fair. While she still reaches the pre-pubescent female youth, she has re-emerged from a brief hiatus with her still flawless complexion and flowing, golden hair, only with green skin, a new vocabulary, and two small antennas.

While many people write this off as a publicity stunt, similar to celebrity sex tapes and trips to rehab, Barbie has been seen walking the streets with new companions that share her new ensemble and grammar. She is still signing autographs and taking pictures with fans in local shopping malls, and still has her picture perfect wave we all know (and love). The buzz around the rumor mill is that Barbie was taken by extra-terrestrials, but when her near-perfection was made apparent, she became idolized by their life form as well. It appears that wherever Barbie goes (or is taken), she continues to carry herself as the loyal, fun loving, and ideal woman.


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