4: The Right Night for the Wrong Drink

Sometimes you have those weeks where you bust your ass to finish early, just to get stuck working late. Or actually study for a test, and realize you reviewed the wrong chapters. Or your girlfriend is on her period, and well… These long weeks make for the wildest weekends. As any college freshman will tell you, Four Loco is the perfect starter drink for these types of occasions.

After the kook-aid mustaches are wiped away from the “pre-game”, collars are popped and dresses are zipped in preparation for the club. Upon arrival, the freshman fifteen that have accrued over the past couple months cannot compare with the glamorous looks of the mysterious woman sitting in the corner sipping a Diet Coke. Her white tank top glows under the black lights of the club, while her tan skin appears even darker.

Ten minutes pass before one of the guys struts to the bar to order a round of Jager-bombs. He walks over to the woman, places a drink in front of her, and winks. She woman looks at the drink and corrects her posture. She uncrosses her legs and leans over to the guy, letting her lips gently touch his ear. “I don’t drink.” she says.  And she gets up and leaves.

The kid remains at the bar, bewildered why anyone would pass up a free Jager-bomb, when the bouncer sits down next to him. With his muscles stretching the seams of his t-shirt, the bouncer takes the drink then slams it down onto the bar. “Kid” he says, “That was Barbie Doll”.


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