3: Pink, Plastic, and Pulsating

     There is nothing like the feeling of a warm piece of pink plastic, pulsating beneath your legs. 

     Neighbors look up startled from their yard work. Young kids sneak a peak from between the blinds of their parents living room. The rumors are true…

     It’s pink. Her hair is golden.There is one hand in the air, and the other near her lap. There is a faint hum in the air, as Barbie is carried down the street in her new Mustang-looking Power Wheel. The rims shine and the pink plastic glistens in the sunlight beneath a fresh coat of wax. She smiles and waves to every neighbor and shop owner as she passes. And as quickly as she comes, she leaves, driving off into the sunset. No stopping, no small talk, just the memory of the brief Barbie-sighting in small towns throughout the world. 


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