1: W.W.B.D?

Would Barbie get the bird flu?

… .In order to save a bird that fell from its nest?

Would Barbie dive into a dumpster?

… If it was to get food for the homeless?

Would Barbie eat at Chick-Fil-A?

… If her best friend was gay?

Would she shop at American Apparel?

… Knowing their clothes are tacky but somehow stylish?

What Would Barbie Do?

Would Barbie watch The Jersey Shore?

Would she drive a Prius?

Would she watch Monday Night Football?

Would she leave the room when she had to fart?

What Would Barbie Do?


One comment

  1. Marc Rosen

    I think this was the most innovative and original works you have done. I like how you tried and have good verses that rhymed and what not… the only thing I could say would to be to try and add some visuals like pictures or some type of display that would make the blog more appealing.

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